• truth or consequences new mexico

    Today I say farewell to Truth or Consequences and start the trip to Crazy Cook. We've been here about 6 months which I've put almost training 500 miles along the Rio Grande. Along the way I've taken photos of some of the sights and put a few together in this video, please enjoy. 

  • krisatpinkstoremargaritaThe Pink Store is an institution just south of the border in Mexico via the Puerto Palomas port of entry.  It is a favorite among American visitors, whether they are shopping for authentic gifts or visiting a nearby dentist. 

    As you can see by this photo, we - well one of us - really enjoyed a strong $3 Margarita.  The meal was terrific as well with great food and reasonable prices.  The owners are nearly always around and the customers seem to have a great relationship with these folks.

    One of the great things about The Pink Store is that there is so much Mexican art and textiles for sale and it also reasonably priced with a wide selection.  We bought a horse blanket, a birghtly painted ceramic tray that fits nicely in our drawer, and a Pancho for Patrick.  They were each less than $20 and we've never seen another Pancho like the one we have now.  The items, although inexpensive, were well made and we still treasure them to this day.  As a matter of fact, I wish we'd had a bigger budget and purchased more.  This would both support those Mexican artists and given us beautiful and interesting gifts for family and friends.  

    There were all kinds of ceramics for dining and storage, a variety of signs and windchimes appropriate for travelers like us, one of a kind handbags and clothing items, and unique toys for kids.  It is so important to support this kind of artistry and craftsmanship.  If you find yourself near the border, take an hour or two and enjoy a frosty beverage, a meal, and do a little shopping. 

    This is super easy to get to from Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, NM.  We drove the Fearless Bus to the border parking lot and walked across the border.  We felt completely safe the entire time we were there.  Although Patrick was "strongly" encouraged to buy a hat (he didn't).  Barter societies are a lot of fun in our opinion and there were street vendors aplenty.  

    If you're camping, stay at Pancho Villa State Park.  It's close enough you can see the lights of the town at night.  Other great options are Rockhound State Park in Deming or a Motor Inn if you're not camping.  Columbus is a pretty small town but they do have a grocery, several restaurants, a gas station, and a hotel.  Not bad!