• trinidadlakestateparkTrinidad Lake is a wonderful place to escape the crowds and establish a basecamp from which to explore the great outdoors. Miles of trails winding through ancient and interesting local history, and spectacular scenery provide visitors and nature enthusiasts with great outdoor exploration opportunities.

    Trinidad Lake holds a special place in our hearts.  We had finally made it to Colorado and it was absolutely spectacular!  Even the Walmart parking lot had a view of snow capped mountains - a breathtaking site for a couple of Midwesterners.  The State Park is just a few miles outside the town so we were able to find groceries, gas, and yes, even a Chinese Buffet. 

    Camping in Colorado is just more expensive than many other places.  It is clearly worth it, however, it is a good idea to budget wisely.  We purchased the Colorado State Park Pass that first year (2016) so that we didn't have to pay a daily per person fee of $7.00 on top of the camping fee.  We received value as we returned again to the State Park later in the summer. 

    The lake itself is set deep in a ravine.  Campers can hike down the rather steep rocky slope to fish the banks or head to the boat ramp and put in their fishing boat. The trails around the campground are excellent and you can find many trailheads from the park.  There is an active bear community so the Ranger will check in with you on your site set up. 

    The staff was friendly and the sites were all in great condition.  Most had shaded areas and many back right up to a view of the lake that will leave you fascinated.  Fishers Peak looms over the small city of Trinidad.  IN the distance you can see the Spanish Peaks.  If you head West on Colorado 12 from the park, you can make a loop that will take you to other camps, historic sites, mines, and a scenic drive. 

    There is a ton of outdoor recreation to be had here in Trinidad and the surrounding area.  It's just about 15 miles north of the New Mexico border through the Raton Pass.  It's a bit of a climb.  We learned a little bit about our first reactions to high altitude as well.  Oh yeah - bring quarters for the showers!  Experienced the terror of worrying about running out of quarters with fully lathered shampoo heads...