• sushiWhile camp hosting in Cougar WA this past year, we made several forays down to Vancouver and Portland to get supplies.  It's about an hour drive on the Fearless Bus - we drive 55 like all those folks you love to hate on the interstate - and we loved our trips to town.  We found many shopping places to love along with a few restaurants in which to treat ourselves after a day of errands and laundry.  Makoto Japanese Buffet was probably our favorite and most visited.

    The sushi was plentiful, delicious, well crafted, and varied for almost any taste.  A diner could definitely make a meal just from the sushi part of the buffet - this area included sashimi, japanese salads like seaweed or edamame, and an all you can eat crab legs steamer.  But the delights did not stop with sushi.  The hot buffet and salad bar hold many delights as well.  BBQ ribs, fresh baked salmon, at least three types of shrimp, marinated mushrooms, tempura and oysters are just a few of the delectable items we found.  Top it off with a little somethin' somethin' from the desert freezer - ice cream dishes, dreamsicles, and popsicles join the usual offering of Asian style cakes and cookies.

    If you'd like to choose your ingredients and watch your hot food being prepared Makoto offers their made to roder Hibachi Grill.  Now, we always say we're interested in that option, however, after one or two hungry forays to the buffet, it is difficult to find room and time for the Hibachi.  Next time, we say, next time...


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