newmexicosky1216The Fearless Bus crew recently watched Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, New Mexico episode. In it he described it as a mix of people including the folks who have been here for centuries, newer European immigrants, people who came for health along what we call the Tuberculosis Trail; and the influx of artists of all kinds.  

Take that and mix with intense sunlight and just a sprinkle of radiation and you have New Mexico. Love it - we think that's a pretty good start.

The further one drives into New Mexico, the more gorgeous it becomes. Alamogordo is a stunning beauty and it took me by surprise. Again, more awe-inspiring mountain ranges and a pretty sweet town. Alamogordo is home to quite a few military people and is the gateway to White Sands National Park. For a day trip to White Sands National Monument it is only $5 per person and it was well worth the expenditure.

We rolled into Alamagordo after dark and began looking for a place to pull in for the night. We checked out the KOA but it was far more expensive than they advertised on their website and no one was available to help us figure out how to get a site. They didn't even have a restroom and after the long drive, there were the beginnings of an imperative.

By chance we stumbled across the website for a place I noticed when we first drove through town. The sign said RV hookups and at first glance that's what it looked like, nothing more than RV hookups. Turns out it was affordable and had openings, so we pulled in to Edgington RV Park.  Found a spot, hooked up, wifi was great, so we ate and watched a bit of Netflix.

By the light of day it was a super sweet place. The owner, a young woman from Indianapolis, has owned the property for a little over a year and she works hard. There is a library, a grove of nut trees surrounding a small pond, a clean and inexpensive laundry, and while the highway is very close, there is an amazing view of the mountains. One more caveat - the bathroom/shower is one small building with handicap accessible laundry inside. If you do not have a bathroom/shower in your vehicle, it could become problematic. During our stay I believe we were the only folks using it but if that changed I don't know what one would do.

We ended up staying an extra day, did laundry, checked out the nut trees, and talked with Sam the owner for a bit. I can't say enough about the book exchange/library.  Sam keeps coffee available, there are overstuffed chairs, the selection of books is extensive, and the little building is warm and inviting.  So friendly and well kept. A gem if you're looking for a place to spend a few days or months (she does offer affordable long term hookups). From there it was just about a 20 minute drive out to White Sands - and we were on our way.