As you can see, it was just a stunning day for travel as I set out from Grants after dropping Patrick off to begin the ascent of Mount Taylor.  It would be the first time I travel through the Navajo Nation (after all this time in NM, there is still SO much to see) and it turned out to be just a wonderful day.  Beautiful rock formations, mesas, desert-scapes, and of course, that enormous aqua sky.
If you've watched the Grants, NM video, you saw that we got laid up for a couple of extra days.  We had moved in from Joe Skeen free campground to an RV Park for a night to do some laundry and be close to town - and the Asian Super Buffet
Well, when we arrived in town, the wind had picked up quite a bit and the gusts were clocking in between 40 - 55 miles per hour.  Folks were pulling off of I40 to avoid the storm.  On top of that, there was smoke from a fire that was quite close.  Seems a "controlled" burn had quickly become "uncontrolled" in the windstorm. This carried on for the next 48 hours.
Once the storm had abated, we decided to head to Lobo Canyon, just north of Grants, to see about the state park.  Patrick could get up early and be right at the trailhead!  Sadly, the park was closed in April.  However, we turned those frowns upside down when we found there were great boondocking sites right on Lobo Canyon Creek and we found a sweet spot right under some amazing ponderosa pines.  We took a family hike up to the park/campground.  It has some small spots and a very nice group shelter.  Very good find, we'll definitely go back for either the boondocking spots or the official state park campground!
Woke to this sparkling morning, headed to the trailhead, and set Patrick up for his next section.  The ascent begins right away and soon Patrick was out of sight so Jaco and I hopped on the bus and headed through Grants to pick up the road to Cuba. cubanm1