jacoyawningonbus102017So many times we end up missing things we wouldn't have even thought about (golf cart) or realized how much of a part of daily life they had become. After camp hosting at camps located between Pagosa Springs and Durango, I admit to being addicted to KSUT our local public broadcasting station.  I developed favorites among the on air personalities.  We hadn't had radio in months, so this was pretty amazing.  The station's programs and music were the perfect balance of local and national with a terrific focus on Colorado musicians.

Those of you who know us know that we run Fearless Radio and were in the live broadcasting business for 12 years out of our Chicago studio. We had a ton of fun listening to one of our best Chicago voices doing an interview and live performance - Daphne Willis!  The KSUT sessions are close to what we were doing at Fearless so it was a blast to listen in. 

Perhaps you're wondering about the moniker, Dead Air Durango?  It is with utmost affection that we give this name with a full appreciation of the difficultites of live broadcasting and scheduling.  There would, without warning, be three to five minute breaks of silence after songs.  At times, they would miss the pitchback from national news for so long that it would scare me when the broadcasting took up again.  Somehow these things just made it feel more like my kind of station.  Hey, they were voted best regional radio station this summer!  

Every Friday night we especially miss kuni Nashwa.  The cosmic trance deserves a paragraph of its own.

Music makes camp hosting - or anything - so much better.  I had a few songs that were perfect representations of life as a camp host and full timer.  Maybe just life in general?  Enjoy the playlist, it is eclectic so listen to all of it.  Twice maybe.

My newest obsession, Alice Merton's "No Roots" - full-timer anthem right here, yo.  If you'd like to read more about Alice or order her music, check out our story on Fearless Radio!

High Country by The Sword.  They are usually hard rock but this acoustic song/album is so gritty.  The lyrics described the Coloado experience perfectly.

I heard a terrific interview/performance that was broadcast on KSUT with Commander Cody Cody and His Lost Planet Airman 

Commander Cody with Lost In the Ozone:

And with that friends and campers, it is time for "5:00 Somewhere"!