So after James and Jonathon spent an entire evening helping us out, we ended up staying over at the Days Inn the night before the election. Side note - it was a great Days Inn, super breakfast, didn't charge us for the dog, king size bed, first floor. Really great.

Anyway, we had Old Stinkey towed to a place called Hicks in Roswell for a looksee as to why she cranked but wouldn't start. Patrick went down to meet the guy from Hicks and apparently the bus started without even the turn of a key. Don't know if that's just Roswell or one of Old Stinkey's eccentricities.

We went back to the hotel and napped, waited for the call from Hicks, and obssessed over the elections news during the day. The news wasn't great, but it came in a very timely fashion. The place was worried that the starter was going bad and told us it would be near $800 which is a pretty big deal when you're out on the road. The mechanic agreed that it might be something a bit more minor and we were able to not only get the fix but also to bring the price down to a more reasonable rate. The mechanic recommends we get a starter for the bus and carry it with us, lol. Seems like good advice. I feel a lot of empathy for her - she's an older girl who has a few bends, wrinkles, and rust.

In the midst of hammering out the details of picking up the bus, we had booked another night at the hotel. We quick grabbed the front desk and asked if we could cancel the night. They were really great once again - if we could get it together in ten minutes, they would give us a full refund and this was at 2:00 p.m.! Good people.

Oh, by the way, that picture up there is Jaco's election face.  He wasn't impressed and felt it took far too much attention away from the important things in life, i.e. treats.  

Grabbed a cab, got the bus, fueled up, and headed down the road to find a place to stay around White Sands. Had an incredibly beautiful drive, very fall-like, through the mountains. It was a much needed respite after very tense night and day. Alamogordo, here we come!