We left Coyote Creek to the last of the golden Aspen leaves blowing on the wind.  It was a paint with all the "Colors of the Wind" moment if you get the reference.  Hard to leave this place but the knowledge that they pulled the plug and shut off the water on Halloween morning prompted us to get up and head down the mountain that Sunday before.

A gorgeous day as we pulled out and headed to Mora for fuel and snacks.  No, I know you shouldn't eat fried burritos made at the Alon but have you tried them? Such a good treat.  

Anyway, we like Mora, NM for one other food related reason - Rene's Diner/Little Alaska Ice Cream Shop.  It's a small shop with a little party room in the back.  It is a restaurant but at the front near the door is a little soda fountain counter where they serve ice cream treats.  Very delicious but back to the diner.  Rene's specialty is brisket, breakfast, and of course the chili sauces.  I had a beef brisket on sopapilla, beans, rice and guac.  Pretty sure Patrick had a burrito plate with the brisket - pretty sure there wasn't much in our doggie bag for Jaco.  The brisket is velvet and works in both their American and Mexican fare.  There are many raves about their breakfast, particularly the biscuits and gravy, on the review sites.  I for one am now day dreaming of biscuits and gravy.

We pick up some dog food and take a spin through Las Vegas, NM and head toward the desert.  Patrick has had the opportunity to drive through White Sands and we're hoping to recreate that drive near it's anniversary.  I have never been to Roswell, NM and am hoping for an encounter with a UFO, but not too close of an encounter.  Nada. That Stephen King night alone on the mountain was much spookier.  The weather is great, Bottomless Lakes are gorgeous, and both the sunrises and sunsets are enchanting.  

Jaco has been feeling very desert pug as of late, pondering his life while soaking in some sun.  It's a bit crunchy and we don't love those goathead thorns but we're finding some magnificent places to hike.  The empty beach pavilion is worthy of its own movie - we'll be sharing some photos of all that with you.  However Jaco insisted we first share "desert pug".  More on Bottomless Lakes and Roswell to come.