On the road again!  Well, it's been just about a year since we were heading out on a new round of adventure - Patrick's knee had healed up enough to take up the trail once more.  We had driven up to Pie Town to try and time the sections to coincide with the start of camp hosting season in early May. 
Made it to Pie Town and quickly found the free campground - Jackson Park.  Jackson Park is a nice little "city" campground sitting right in front of BLM camping land.  Again, it's free so its hard not to like it!  Very nicely shaded spots, fire pits and a somewhat rundown picnic table grace the sites and we settled in for a cold night. 

Food Prep 2019Well, it's that time of year again, time to do food prep for hiking, on the road travel, and, of course, the apolcalypse.  We've added two exciting pieces to our go food prep team - a Mueller mandoline slicer and an Impulse poly bag/sealer set.  Last year in preparation for Patrick's hike, we employed so many ziploc baggies and that's not a bad system.  We decided to play around with deydrated foods going into sealed bags and right into the freezeer.  A quick bagging into sealed bags helped prevent micro bear invasions.