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CDT 2018 - Part 2 After a 3 1/2 week layoff due to twisting the knee, Kris and I drove the bus to Pie Town as a restart point. We skipped the Gila with the intention of coming back after reaching MT. It seemed to be the best idea considering Kris was shceduled to be in Pagosa Springs at the end of April to camp host and we didn't want her to be late. 

Of course nothing goes as planned...

After Lordsburg I came back to ToC to recover. This was great because I could take advantage of the mineral baths, but it destroyed a budget that was already very tight. Additionally I was going nuts because I had spent so much time preparing, this was not the place I wanted to be. Everyday I would go soak for an hour, come back and go through all the mistakes I had made in my mind. The bag was too heavy, I didn’t initially take enough water, too much food. All I kept doing was second guessing myself. I was going insane and pretty much taking Kris along the way.

Kris was urging me to be patient, but I had go fever. In the long run this is what tripped me up. Late in our stay I was walking normal, the blisters had healed, and I felt pretty secure because our plan had Kris following along from Grants to Pagosa, so if anything happened she wouldn't be that far away to bail me out. 

Here's the rest of the story...

Music:  The Mountain by Adam Ezra Group

Here are some stills I took along the way.