Continental Devide TrailNothing ever goes as planned. No matter how much research and YouTube binging you do on any subject, having the experience is always, always profoundly different.  The start of my CDT thru-hike did not defy this expectation. One minute I was visualizing in my head being there, the next minute I was there with 85 miles of desert between me and the next McDonalds. It would be a long way to go. 

Part One Crazy Cook to Lordsburg... Almost... 

To save battery power I only shot for 5 days. On day 6 my plan was to reach Lordsburg and take a zero day. At this point in the hike there was this green / blue coarse grass that was easier for my feet to take, so I made a point to walk on it. This was a mistake becasue within an hour of starting I stepped almost knee deep into a rabbit hole and my whole body twistecd against my knee. That was it, I went my a slow 2 miles an hour to 2 miles in 5 hours. I knew if I kept going I was going to injure myself worse and I used the Spot device to call for help. 

4 hours later I was picked up by the NM State Police and US Border Patrol, 10 miles short of Lordsburg, NM. Between the blisters and the twisted knee I was gimping along so slowly, there was no chance I was going to make it to town. The next day Kris came down and picked me up at the the Ecco Lodge and it was back to Truth or Consequences for a recovery. Still working on the next steps, but as soon as I can it's bak to the trail. 


Music stuck in my head. 

Below is a sample of the music that got stuck in my head hiking. My storage was limited as is my battery so I didn't take any MP3's along for the hike. But that didn't stop my head from reaching back and banging away at a couple of beats to add to the experience. Here are a few...

Rock the Boat - Started on day one, I have no idea how or why I started hearing this song in my head but I did. Maybe it was dehydration...

Lisa Gerrard - A few weeks back Kris and I were talking about a movie by Micheal Mann from back in the day called the "Insider". This kept poipping back into my head staring at the Hatch's Big and Small...

Photos from the hike. 

The Path I Followed

Screenshot 20180312 175020

The Crazy Cook Mounment.

IMG 20180305 102546

The first cairn

IMG 20180307 121659 DRO


IMG 20180307 164201 DRO


IMG 20180305 141356 HDR

The first morning sunrsie

20180306 062625

a blister begins...

20180309 115703

One of the few "real" road crossings...

IMG 20180308 070933 DRO

I named this rock the Dude Rock...

IMG 20180307 095328 DRO

NM Highway 113...

Highway 113