patrickcolorado2017Well campers, it's Friday and day five of Patrick's thru hike on the CDT.  Without cell phone service in the southern desert of New Mexico I can only rely on a facebook chat (once on Weds) and the twice daily SPOT check ins.  It is a bit nerve-wracking as he approaches the time for his first resupply.

The lovely folks at the Econo Lodge in Lordsburg have kept his resupply box for him so I imagine - hope - he'll be hustling to reach town.  The woman who works the desk is known by a trail name - although she vows she will never hike - Mother Hen.  One of the incredibly kind discounts she offers to hikers is half priced laundry.  She reports that it is quite necessary and didn't elaborate further.  

Writing projects have kept me busy on the bus here in T or C which helps alleviate the worry and pass the time.  This does, however, present Jaco with the double whammy of his Pops mysteriously disappearing and mom being a complete bore.  Aside from the day job I've mostly been puttering around cleaning up a few things, fretting about how P is doing out on the trail, and eating bad food.  This will all change soon as we plan to have a meet up in Silver City to restock his supplies and let him take a zero day.  Maybe two.

I try to communicate the world's goings on via facebook messenger, particularly as we wrap up the week.  If you could see how long my side of the chat became just for TODAY you'd be amazed.  I think most of the news can be summed up by reporting that not only is Martin Shkreli (Pharma Bro) going to prison, the feds have confiscated his million dollar Wu Tang double album.  My ability to report other notable goings on is definitely limited by that stabbing pain I get in my head every time I try and watch the news or press briefing.  Yikes.

The night time can be the toughest.  As I drift off I may remember a story I wanted to tell or a question and then I remember Patrick is incommunicado.  So we look up at the stars and imagine him watching the same cyrstal clear night sky as he cowboy camps in this lovely weather.  Oddly enough our little bus seems smaller without Patrick.  And I miss my low end, my deep voiced partner in life...