truth or consequences new mexico

Today I say farewell to Truth or Consequences and start the trip to Crazy Cook. We've been here about 6 months which I've put almost training 500 miles along the Rio Grande. Along the way I've taken photos of some of the sights and put a few together in this video, please enjoy. 


We know you're wondering - who DOES that amazing song?  Well this artist has been special to the Fearless Radio staff and audience for years.  Kris and I listened to hours of music in the hopes of finding the tune that defines the journey in the best possible way.  Adam Ezra Group just released their video for The Mountain and it captivated us.  Special thanks to Adam and his supporters for generously allowing us to use The Mountain as our main theme.  Click on his site to see the uplifting video of The Mountain and to find tour dates in your area.  We are so grateful to know wonderful people.