Road to first camp site

After running errands in the early afternoon, I took off about 3:30 heading out only a few miles. The path and location have a BLM road that is very sandy with a pretty steep up hill climb from the first mile to the campsite. Once I got there I was able to set up camp fairly quickly considering that this was the first time out overnight with this backpack. 

I chose this spot after hiking by it several times because it seemed like an easy place to set up  If any trouble cropped up on my first trip I wasn't far from home. The very loose and sandy road gave a a pretty good work out even though it was a short distance. Once set up I settled in, gathering some wood and making a fire. It occurred to me at this moment that I'd never tent camped overnight in the desert. 

For my first dinner on the trail I tried making Cous Cous. I used some of the items we have been dehydrating for the last few weeks, specifically tomato paste and red bell peppers. It didn't come out that great and needs work in the lab before heading back out to the trail. 

The tent I bought was labeled a two-person size. My guess is a two-person sized tent for this company means Hobbits that happened to be midgets were used in the measurements. My sleeping bag was damp because condensation built up where my head is touching one side and my feet are pushing out on the other side. It's a pretty easy call to go back to the drawing board on this one. 

Sleeping bag works fantastic, but I still think I need to get the liner for it. Woke up like 3 times in the middle of the night, once because of coyotes. At one point last night I believe that the coyotes were on the other side of this particular ridge because they sounded very very close. Kris told me when I came back it is coyote mating season, so apparently love was in the air.