CDT Hike 2018

2018 CDT Thru-Hike

In 2018 Patrick will be thru hiking the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail from The New Mexico / Mexico border to Glacier National Park on the Canadian / US border. His goal is to vblog during the journey and upon it's completion create a documentary about the trail, the people who hike it, and his experiences. If you are interested in support us please follow these links. 


CDT Part 3This is the final video for my 2018 CDT experience. It was an amazing experience, although truncated. by injury, fire, and other shenanigans. For me it was more difficult pulling these videos than actually hiking the trail. I felt more at peace on this trail than I have in years. 

As this journey came to an end, another began. But my mind and soul everday remembers the experiences of this trail. 

CDT 2018 - Part 2 After a 3 1/2 week layoff due to twisting the knee, Kris and I drove the bus to Pie Town as a restart point. We skipped the Gila with the intention of coming back after reaching MT. It seemed to be the best idea considering Kris was shceduled to be in Pagosa Springs at the end of April to camp host and we didn't want her to be late. 

Of course nothing goes as planned...

rebelsroostshowerThe Fearless Bus has had the good fortune to stumble upon some real gems for hikers and campers alike this spring. While Jaco and I await Papa Crunch to get from Mt. Taylor to Cuba, NM, we are staying at a hiker camp/hostel called Rebels Roost. It's right along the highway after you pass through the town of Cuba. Now, you wouldn't know what it was unless you were privy to some hiker intel. We had never heard of Rebels Roost until we ran into another hiker at Toaster House (Pie Town). We looked it up and found a facebook thread that the owner had posted in one of the CDT hiking groups.

Continental Devide TrailNothing ever goes as planned. No matter how much research and YouTube binging you do on any subject, having the experience is always, always profoundly different.  The start of my CDT thru-hike did not defy this expectation. One minute I was visualizing in my head being there, the next minute I was there with 85 miles of desert between me and the next McDonalds. It would be a long way to go. 

patrickcolorado2017Well campers, it's Friday and day five of Patrick's thru hike on the CDT.  Without cell phone service in the southern desert of New Mexico I can only rely on a facebook chat (once on Weds) and the twice daily SPOT check ins.  It is a bit nerve-wracking as he approaches the time for his first resupply.

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