As we mentioned, we ended up camp hosting in a semi-remote National Forest, the San Juans in southern Colorado, this past summer.  It was a ton of hard work, it was amazing in its beauty, and we got pretty good at the whole thing. 

One of the first challenges was overcoming our supervisors' belief that we wouldn't make it throught the weekend much less five months.  Yeah, they didn't really know us, ha.  We made it, we loved it, and we're going back next year.  The most frightening part of this gig was not the actual Mountain Lions in the campground or the nasty little baby rattlesnake we encountered - it was the collecting and counting of the camping fees!

This is how it went down.  Every Friday at some point my area manager, Karen, would come down to camp to collect paperwork and money for both of our camps.  On a good week we would have fat stacks.  On a bad week it was sad.  But I have to say those first few weeks I was wrought with anxiety.  Sometimes people would pay with change.  Sometimes people would "choose their fee amount" (once I got $3.21 for a $20 campsite?).  Then there were half-price campers and full-price campers.  To top it off, the firewood sales went right into the pot.  

I mention all this, especially for new camp hosts or those thinking about camp hosting.  This is what it was like, I kid you not.  

Disclaimer:  Karen, my supervisor, was actually quite a lot nicer than Tuco.  I'm not saying it was less frightening at times, but I wasn't truly afraid of dying.  

The best feeling every Friday was getting rid of that wad of cash and having balanced everything out for a fresh start to a new week.  If you're interested in camp hosting, Rocky Mountain Recreation Company was our campground concessionaire and they were pretty terrific overall! 


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