fullmoonrise1216newmexicoIt is always a great day when you acquire a new favorite word!  Often during our bus rides I have opportunity to just sit and think.

The New Mexico highways are ribbons of enchantment that can mesmerize you for a few hours.  Now, I rarely think of great solutions to the world's problems, heavens no.  It always goes to dogs and their relationship to humankind or what is required to become a favorite word?

I have always loved words and the favorites don't change too often.  I maintain a short list and these are the requirements:


  1.   They must be a delight when spoken aloud;
  2.   They must invoke a sense of well-being or pleasure in meaning or sound; and
  3.   They must look superb on paper.  

And I am happy to say I just added a new one to my list.  But first, the oldies.

Specter/Spectre.  It just sounds perfect to say and feels great.  It has rhythm and balance, crisp sounds and sibilance.  It invokes a misty, only partially revealed scene or being.  It is beautiful to write or print.  Specter.

Plover/Clover.  Now these don't mean aythig together.  One is a water bird and one is a flower (or a dating app - apparently).  But the quality with these words is how they sound and feel ploverwhen spoken.  Plover has the lush, creamy tones of a chocolate truffle falling softly from the lips.  Pretty sexy stuff and it's just a cute little water bird or town in Wisconsin.  Plover.  

Clover has the lushness and softness of Plover with a little snap at the front.  I am thinking peppermint bark here - a zingy crunch and then the smooth and cooling chocolate.  Yes, i really like candy.  Clover.

Now.  For my new favorite word on the list.  I've been walking around just saying it out loud every once in a while.  It is Sparticle.  Say it.  Three syllables of wonder.  What is it?  It is a hypothetical elementary particle.  Do I fully understand what that means?  Not necessarily.  But I am investigating. The word itself holds sparkle, icicle, party - even my old dog Sparky.  It is just a great word and one can think on the actual meaning of this for a very long time.  Sparticle.

Do you have favorite words?  I'd love to hear them - post them on our Twitter feed or our Facebook feed. 

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